Controlling of the wear and tear of android devices

Android is sure a very revolutionary product by Google, but has its own requirements. To maintain an Android device and make sure that it works just as fast and right every single time it is used, it is important to download a few applications that enhance the performance of the device. There are many free and paid applications that are available on the Android market for the people to enjoy. These applications ensure the smooth working of the phone even when the user is too busy to maintain it.



Here are the best Android apps to improve phone performance:

-          Android Assistant (AA): this is an application that is simple, easy to use and also covers all the aspects of the phone. It has a massive rating of 4.6 stars and has a timeless collection of tools and features that do not disappoint at any occasion. The key function of this app is to clean up all the space provide more juice for the people to play with. It monitors the RAM of the device, cleans up all the cache from different applications and in turn enhances the experience of the user with the device.

-          Greenify:this is much more than a task killing app. Unlike the regular cleaning apps that wipe out all the running processes this app puts them to sleep. They can be activated and resumed whenever needed. This app is a step ahead in the market of maintaining the functionality of android phones and is also proven to cause lesser wear and tear of the phone when compared to the other freezing apps. The only drawback that it carries is that it requires root privileges.

It is not difficult to buy an android phone and all the apps are extremely enjoyable and has brought the world to the palms of the hands. People have access to news, entertainment, sport scores, information, bank accounts and everything at their fingertips. Which is why it is very important to make sure that the wear and tear of the device is avoided and minimised with the use of the best Android apps to improve phone performance.


Apps – one of the reasons why tablets are so popular

The Android operating system has taken over the market of phones and tablets in a huge manner. People now do not want to buy anything other than an Android tablet that they can also use as a phone during an emergency. It is important to use the tablet in a manner that it can provide maximum satisfaction to the user that can be attained only by making sure that the right apps are installed. Here are the top 10 must have apps for android tablet:




-          BBC iPlayer: For all the TV buffs, the perfect app to catch TV shows while on the move and also download them offline.

-          Spotify: A music oriented app that allows the user to arrange and organise their music.

-          Kindle: The perfect reading app that will make e-books a lot more organised and easy to access.

-          Clash of clans: For all strategy game lovers, a very deep game that will tickle the brain cells and force the player to think hard and smart.

-          Real racing: Social game that is integrated with Facebook, the features are console quality and let a person experience the thrill of a real race.

-          Flipboard: An online news magazine in a beautiful layout.

-          Wunderlist: A management app that lets a person manage his everyday to-do list.

-          Twitter: A very user-friendly UI that allows the user to tweet away into glory.

-          Facebook: One of the most popular social networking sites in a better layout on the tablet.

-          Quip: A word processing tool that is designed for better collaboration with colleagues.

Every one of the above apps are developed by companies using superior technology and is one of the best in the market. Most of them are available for free on the Google Play Store and thereby have made it to the top 10 must have apps for android tabletlist. Right from entertainment to games, organisation and social media, they have it all. If one is not making use of these apps while using an android tablet, they should consider downloading them to maximise the experience of it.


How to easily develop an android app

It has become highly impossible to compete with the App store on Apple now. There was once a phase when they were in need of new apps and innovations that the users could enjoy on the expensive handsets that were manufactured by them, but not they do not need it anymore. It takes ages to get an app approved on the App Store and they have a very strict verification system for the same. Added to that, the development of an application for the iOs, is also a very difficult task, it takes expertise to do so. But, here is the saviour- Google. It is not just easy to use and better to function with, but also easy to learn how to use it to the fullest. Any ‘How to develop Android Apps: Getting Started’ guide, or something in the same vain will teach anyone who wants to develop an app in no time.


There are a variety of software and mechanism that is present on the cloud that one can download and use for the developing of an Android application. Right from the simple to the most complicated applications that one finds on play store are made in a similar fashion. There are various advantages of Android apps- they are a lot more in the market and in the hands of the people. It has been observed that people have taken to Android as the Apple is a lot more expensive and the variety available to the buyers is also much lesser in comparison to Android devices. Another major benefit is that there is not much filter when it comes to the approval of the applications that have been created for the market. Every application goes through just a basic moderation and judgement, but the opinion of moderators is not considered global and does not decide if the application is worth being on the market or not.

Before singing up of a course like ‘How to develop Android Apps: Getting Started’ or anything of the sort, it is important that one makes sure that the guide has the different aspects explained in detail. Some of them are:

-          How to create a screen.

-          How to run applications on the different mediums.

-          How to define variables and their treatment.

-          How to construct a site part by part and systematically.

-          How to create characters if needed.

Most of all, it needs to have a good overview of the software that it is asking the person to use. There needs to be a reference as to when it was developed and also the changes that have been introduced over time and the signature features of the program etc.


How to make your app a better functioning unit

It is true that there are no strict moderators who will bar a developed application from going live on the Google Play Store. But to gain popularity among the users, it is important that the app is good enough for them to use and recommend to other people, here are the 6 best tips to develop an app for the Android platform in 2013:

-          Using a global theme can prove to be very instrumental with the number of people who download the app. It is very important for the people to relate with the app to like to further. This is possible only when the theme is global.

-          The use of design flexible layouts is a good option for the developer as it provides the room for change in the app whenever possible. That makes it easier for them to make improvements.

-          The developer needs to ensure that the threads that he is running on the application are organised well enough. The main thread needs to call for the different elements that have to be displayed to the user through the app.


-          Making the buttons the background page and the lists with an image file is a complete no when it comes to practical usage of the app.

-          One important aspect of the app is the activity, aside of what happens when the user is communicating directly with the app- it is also important that the developer looks into the activity that is happening with the phone as well. Screen rotations, home screen buttons and other activities have to be prepared for else the functionality can reduce.

-          A developer needs to run the application before he send it to the people. it is advisable that the app is tested on all the versions of Android that are available in the market at the time of the launch so that he is not missing out any section of the society that is buying a particular version of the OS.

Listed above are the 6 best tips to develop an app for the Android platform in 2013 that can be used by developers to enhance the user experience of their apps.


Updating oneself with the different aspects of the world with an app

Owing to the very past paced lives that we lead in the present day, it is impossible for one to sit down in the morning with the newspaper any more. As the different news channels and papers came online, it became easy for people to follow the news; but now even that seems to be a hassle due to the lack of time. Google’s powerhouse operating system the Android is a saving grace for people now. The different apps that are available on the Google Play Store for Android devices are commendable and also very efficient in the delivery of the news.



There are many to choose from, here are the top 5 best Android news apps:

-          News hunt: This is an application that lets the people be updated on the different news that is necessary with respect to their demographic location. It is an amalgamation of all the popular newspapers in the country and send updates to people regularly about any important events or happenings.

-          BBC news: Backed with the undisputed credibility of BBC worldwide, this app leaves no stone unturned in getting the people just the right news as soon as possible on their mobile devices.

-          American News: This application is one of a kind that sorts out all the possible American news into categories and lets the user read it accordingly. The application is consistent of an amalgamation of news from every prominent and useful site for the people to not miss out on any of the perspectives that are present.

-          The New York Times: This is one of the oldest newspapers that have existed in the history of the world and have lived up to their reputation on the online scale as well. The app successfully provides the newspaper itself on the screen of the mobile phone.

-          Flipboard: This is the best online news magazine that is available on the Play Store. With a technology that appeals to the eye and user friendly features, it is the most successful and popularly referred to for updates on all genres.

If one is not used to reading the news in papers and online, it is important that he downloads one or more from the top 5 best Android news apps as listed above to keep in alignment with the happenings of the world.